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As between you and Podtree Ltd you own the audio/file content ("files") that you submit to the "Podtree Service" (Podtree Ltd). By submitting a file, you grant Podtree Ltd and its affiliates a limited, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license and right to copy, transmit, distribute, publicly perform and display (through all media now known or hereafter created), and make derivative works from your file for the purpose of (i) displaying the file within the Podtree Service; (ii) displaying the file on third party websites and applications through a file embed or Podtree Ltd's API subject to your file privacy choices; (iii) allowing other users to play, download, and embed on third party websites the file, subject to your file privacy choices; (iv) promoting the Podtree Service, provided that you have made the file publicly available; and (v) archiving or preserving the file for disputes, legal proceedings, or investigations.


You further grant all users of the Podtree Service permission to view your files for their personal, non-commercial purposes. This includes the right to copy and make derivative works from the files solely to the extent necessary to view the files. The foregoing licenses are in addition to any license you may decide to grant (e.g., a Creative Commons license).


The above licenses will continue unless and until you remove your files from the Podtree Service, in which case the licenses will terminate within a commercially reasonable period of time. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the license for legal archival/preservation purposes will continue indefinitely. Please note that removed files may be cached in search engine indices after removal and that Podtree Ltd has no control over such caching.